Pneumatic Positioned Valve operational information.

Pneumatic Positioned Valves: Assembly Details


This page will detail the parts and layout regarding the pneumatic lines and operation of a pneumatically positioned ball valve.
  • The assembly shown is a PD-S3FV-16M3 (Pneumatic actuated, 90 degree 2″ NPT 3-piece v-port ball valve with 3-15 psi signal to control).
  • This assembly can also be ordered with a 4-20mA input control, or 0-10V input control.
(The layout is for those units are configured the same, but with a slight part number change and omission of the pneumatic ‘signal’ control line, will instead be controlled by 2 wires to an external control).
  • Images illustrate how unit operates in testing and usage.
  • This is a technical reference only , other units will vary slightly in appearance, but line ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘Supply’ is used across all pneumatic positioned units.

(all images below show unit with 90 psi to supply line, but varying pressure to signal/control line)